Artist Statement
Artists Statement
“Truth comes when one is totally involved in the act of painting…using everything one knows about painting materials, dreams, and feelings.” — Helen Frankenthaler

My work as an Abstract Expressionist artist is inspired by combining broad gestures and varied mark making with contrasting bold colors. I create fluid strokes and strong lines using multiple mediums, producing dynamic and engaging paintings.

I think in terms of line and color. An early memory of mine – from kindergarten actually – is of being mesmerized while cutting out shiny bright red colored paper into sinuous shapes. I have always felt drawn into and exhilarated by the beauty of art. I appreciate the rapture of sentiment in golden Renaissance paintings, the complicated beauty of 16th century Dutch still life, the harmony and peace of Degas and Matisse, the bursting bright swirls of Van Gogh, the diaphanous fluids of Helen Frankenthaler and the rich spontaneous layers of Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Mark Bradford and many others.

I believe if the expression is inside, let it be outside; place it in life itself. Let lines and colors intuitively find their places on the canvas; let the strokes lead in and around the picture. If I let my individual style emerge while allowing the viewer to enter the space, when the elements come together successfully, I experience both peace and excitement.

I am at home with Abstract Expressionism and am delighted with the vibrancy of working non-representationally and with being able to create what I feel is natural, beautiful and truthful. I am happy to be working in acrylics which allow me to move quickly, adding valuable gradations and layers of lights and shades. Making marks, lines, shapes, textures and forms in colors and values has revitalized me time and again and allowed me to grow personally and as an artist. I feel proud when others appreciate the results.